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PROOF: ANTIFA was There!

From the very beginning many people have said that there were provocateurs and / or ANITFA in the crowd on January 6, 2021. Here is your proof:


I, Shane Jenkins, was recently made aware that someone in the C2B unit with us was claiming to be ANTIFA. Landon Copeland is a self avowed ANITFA member since 2006. We had a two hour sit down conversation and discussed everything from why he joined ANTIFA (The Patriot Act) to his military service (Army). I was curious why he served in the military because I thought ANITFA opposed those who served the country. He told me about how he disagree’s with war in general and especially the premise around the Second Persian Gulf War. He wanted to see first hand how the Iraqi people were being treated, so he did just that. He served two tours in Iraq.


We had a very in-depth conversation about his political beliefs. Copeland said he is pro Second Amendment and an extreme libertarian. According to Google, “libertarianism is a kind of politics that says the government should have less control over people's lives. It is based on the idea of maximum liberty. Libertarians believe that it is usually better to give people more free choice.”

Copeland used the example "if you want to kill your dog or abuse your children and lock them in a kennel then that is your right." What I came to understand was that extreme liberty becomes anarchy. Extreme liberty would mean no law which would lead to chaos. To my surprise, he said he supports Donald Trump. Copeland said that Trump was an ‘outsider’ and sought to take down the corrupt establishment. He said that any person protesting against the Second Amendment is not a true ANTIFA member.


He mentioned his activism at all the notable events and many arrests at these events: from Ferguson to Kenosha, Charlottesville to Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

Copeland admitted that there were 18 fellow ANTIFA members with him at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. He also said from what he has seen, there are approximately 100 ANTIFA members entangled in the legal system as a result of January 6th. To more further prove our point, ANTIFA WAS THERE!


Landon Copeland is willing to talk to Congress and to the media. He asked me to share his letter after he was sentenced. He was sentenced to 36 months on May 8th, 2023. He said he believes he was given a lesser sentence than many other with similar charges because of who he is, an ANTIFA member.


I would speculate that the DOJ knows who he is and what he represents. He doesn't hide it. I consider myself a good judge as to someone's intentions if they are lying or not and I detected no deceit from this man. I believe it is of the utmost importance that Copeland’s story be told and shared with the world. We all may have a vested interest in it being told as it may help unlock the whole January 6th mystery.


I have fulfilled my promise to Copeland by releasing his letter, now it is up to you to get the word out. Let Congress know ANIFTA was there and we have the proof. It’s time for them to open true investigations and acknowledge what we already know.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please share this with all you friends. With your elected representatives and any media contacts you may have. This may change the course of history.

We are ANIFA

We are ANTIFA, we stand diametrically opposed to all centralized autocratic fascist Governments. Our members have attended all of the modern protests in support of the people protesting. We make the attempt to only support movements that favor the sovereignty of individuals. We are only present at the demonstrations we attend to dismay the forcible government suppression of peaceful protest. We have made mistakes and enemies in the past, this is not our intent.  We offer an open invitation of alliance to all groups in favor of limited government. We extend our solidarities to everyone incarcerated in recent protests to include The Proud Boys, Black Lives Matter, Make America Great Again, The Oath Keepers, and all other groups including those associated with the January 6, 2021 event. Many of our members are Trump supporters and have been incarcerated because of this event. We cannot win this fight alone and surrender terms of our alliance in an effort to end an American regime that incarcerates us all. 

May Freedom Reign Supreme,

Landon Copeland

Active ANTIFA Member since 2006

Copeland, Landon Letter.jpg
Landon Copeland.jpg

Landon Copeland

  • 35 years old

  • From Cedar City, Utah

  • 2 time Iraqi Combat Veteran

  • Avid Hunter

  • Construction Worker

  • Has a daughter he has never seen due to her being born while he has been incarcerated

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