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Operation Love Wins

We have some really good, exciting news to share. The individuals here in the DC Gulag have finally been granted visitation without either party having to be vaccinated! First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your help. We called Congressman Troy Nehls out of the bullpen to close the deal for us. With the help of your letter writing, calling the mayor and the jail, and his presence, we are now allowed to visit with our loved ones in person. I cannot express what the thought of hugging my children and loved ones does for my heart and soul.

When we got the news, as excited as we were, there were mixed emotions. Some were excited. Some said they are already struggling trying to make ends meet so as much as they wanted to, they can't afford the financial burden of a trip. While I completely understand the situation, hearing it put a knot in my stomach. By the time I got in touch with my team, they already had come up with the idea behind Love Wins. Kudos to them for their labor of love and incredible idea!


Our goal with Love Wins is to reunite the individuals here in C2B with their family and friends by funding a trip for visitation. We want to make it as affordable and easy for everyone to see their loved ones. It’s been almost two years for most of us. We are asking fellow patriots to donate money, airline miles, hotel points, or other travel resources to aid us in this cause. You can find out more information below.

There are 22 individuals currently being housed in the DC Gulag. We estimate that it will cost approximately $2,000/family (give or take) for one trip. Here is what a family (up to four) will receive:

  • Economy round trip flights (or other modes of transportation if requested)

  • Housing for one or two days

  • Food for one or two days​

  • Transportation

Every penny we receive from this will go to our cause.


We appreciate you for fighting for us, for calling and writing, for donating and for making sure that in the end, Love Wins.


God Bless,

Shane Jenkins

How You Can Help

Click on one of the icons below to help.

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Airline Miles

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Hotel Rewards

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Application for Funds

If you are a family member who would like to see your loved one,

please fill out the form below and our team will be in touch.

All funds will be received and paid out via The Real J6, LLC. operated under our managing partner Sarah McAbee. The Real J6, LLC. is not profiting off of Operation Love Wins.

All funds will be allocated to family members with any left over being evenly divided between the individuals for commissary. Records are available upon request.


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