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Support the J6ers by contributing to their individual Give Send Go's. This goes directly to the J6er and their families. 


Learn how to write to individuals to ensure that your letter gets through the facilities mail room and to them directly. 


- Research

- Documentaries

- Articles

- Actors

- Agents

- Intel

- Call to Actions


The one consistent piece of entertainment that the individuals can receive is soft back books directly from a publisher.

Call to Actions

Be a voice for the voiceless. Check back frequently for updated Call to Actions to support J6ers.


Your support in raising awareness for our cause is invaluable. When we share with one, and they share with one . . . soon the word will start to spread like wildfire. We believe this is the only way to bring truth to light, to restore the character of these individuals who have endured more than any person ever should.


Put money directly on their books via Western Union or select favorite items for a care package via Acces SecurePak.

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