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Our Story

Our team is encompasses passionate and patriotic individuals who came together with a shared vision of creating a resource space for those seeking information about the January 6th Political Prisoners housed within the DC DOC, also known as the DC Gulag. Our journey began when we recognized the need to provide a platform for Patriots who wanted to understand the truth and get to know the personal stories behind the individuals involved.

Our initial aim was to establish a comprehensive resource hub, a place where people could find reliable information about the January 6th Detainee's. Patriots wanted to connect with us on a personal level and gain insights into our stories. This drive for transparency and understanding propelled us forward.

As we embarked on this mission, we soon realized that people wanted to go beyond just being informed; they wanted to make a difference and lend their support. We recognized the tremendous energy within the Patriot community and saw an opportunity to channel that energy into meaningful action. Thus, our Call to Actions were born. We created avenues for Patriots to engage, contribute, and stand up for justice alongside us.

What began as a resource space quickly evolved into a unified brand that represents and advocates for the January 6th Detainee's. Our primary goal became delivering crucial information from inside the walls of the C2B, ensuring that Patriots received accurate updates promptly and efficiently. The growth of our organization is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our supporters, and we are incredibly humbled by their contributions.

Our team is comprised of American-loving patriots, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to The Real J6. Together, we work tirelessly to fulfill our mission and promote the principles of justice, fairness, and civil liberties. We understand the importance of our cause and the impact it has on the lives of those involved. With unity and determination, we continue to build a platform that amplifies the voices of the J6ers and sheds light on their stories.

Join us in our mission to challenge the status quo, advocate for civil liberties, and foster a society that values open dialogue and critical thinking. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where patriots are respected and true justice is served.

Meet Our Team

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Our Journey

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