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Shop with Skullet

The Real J6 Shop is Live! From Shirts to Floor Mats and Candles, WE HAVE IT ALL!

We are proud to partner with 4Ashli on an exclusive collaborative design you will find only at The Real J6 Store - benefits the vigil on #FreedomCorner

Please note there is a flat rate shipping cost of $10 to ensure all fees are covered so profits can help support our business that way we can continue to advocate for our J6ers and the individuals in the DC Gulag

Who We Are

J6 Political Prisoner Shane Jenkins here. I went to the Capitol on January 6th to voice my First Amendment right as an American citizen and support President DJT. I have been housed in the DC Gulag since March 2021. We will bring awareness to our situation and engage the community. We want you to get to know us and see how the government treats dissenters. We might be bent but we refuse to break. Join us in the fight! Share our content and get to know The Sixers. God Bless!


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