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Hello, I'm Skullet


  • Revolutionary War Hero

  • Zaddy Rival

  • Patriot

“He changes the times and the years. He takes kings away, and puts kings in power. He gives wisdom to wise men and much learning to men of understanding.” 

Daniel 2:21

Skullet's Story

My spirit has been wandering the area known as D.C. since 1776. I have been cursed to roam these streets until everyone has liberty and Christ is on the altar of this great nation. The more time that passes the stronger the grasp of evil has become on this Republic. As my soul moseyed, I lingered in the Congressional cemetery because of the quiet. One night as I lay in despair I heard the national anthem being sung by the January 6th political prisoners in C2B. I was drawn to it. Each night I heard the anthem my heart beat more fiercely and I began to feel hope. I absorbed the pain and suffering of these brave patriots and my spirit became flesh. I even wear the same orange uniform and adopted the hairstyle some of them have. My spirit may not rest until we have removed the evil from our great nation. Please join us as we fight the globalist cabal establishment and restore the soul of our beautiful Constitutional Republic.

"When the people are afraid of the government, that's tyranny, but when the government is afraid of the people, that's liberty."

How Did Skullet Come To Be?

When I, Shane Jenkins, first got to the DC Gulag, we were not allowed hair cuts for over a year! In my normal life I usually keep my head bald, shaving it about every 3 to 4 days. This started because unfortunately my hair began to thin on the top in 2002. Well due to not being able to maintain my ‘hair’ style, I had a years growth on my head. It was thick around the sides and back, but thin on the top. So, as a joke for morale because the days were rough here, I used magic shave to burn the hair off the top of my head. Thus, I had a clean and smooth ‘cul de sac’ on the top of my head; leaving hair around the sides and the back. Then I thought (a bit of genius, if I say so myself) what if I cut the hair off the and just leave the back? You know, kind of like business in the front, party in the back - except no business! So about two weeks later, I did just that! That day something fundamental and foundational changed in the atmosphere, the bullet (bald mullet) party in the back hairstyle was born. Now it is also known as Skullet, trademarked by The Real J6.

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